GIF Time!

You know who you are :)

The most hilarious scene on the hilarious G4 series Misfits. Unfortunately, Nathan is no longer in the series.

This is actually to Christina. Once our kids became best friends and she realized I was a really nice person under all of that sarcasm, we were a match made in heaven. Don't worry Chrissy. A lot of people think I am all sarcasm and no heart when they first meet me.

Sometimes I slap my little brother around and say this. I hate Full House.

When CHEERS is on!

When one of my friends gets back together with a total douche bag that use to beat her. Cheers. I hope he doesn't kill you.

I fucking love chocolate and say this all the time. There's a Walgreen's down the street. They have a variety of assorted boxes of chocolates. Sometimes I say, "I'm going to get a hamburger because I am really upset."

Ha. Speaking of. Hormones certainly are a bitch. Sometimes you just need comfort food. Even when you're dieting.

Drink Jameson. Make life more fun. Life is fun. I love my life and wouldn't trade it for the world but lets face it, we all have bad days and need a drink.


I have actually done this before and walked out. But I did it while working at a doctor's office. The girls were really mean. The pay was not acceptable and we didn't even get insurance coverage. Plus, the coffee was always cold.

When I put on a pretty new dress and stare at myself in the mirror.

Sounds like someone I know. <3 jackie.="" nbsp="" p="">

You have a problem with me not liking Steely Dan so you name call and throw a fit on Face Book... No. I don't even know you and you do not know me. I don't even remember your name or when I accepted your friend request.

Larry the Cable Guy. Yes I hate you.

Probably what people call me and my girlfriends because we are all so fabulous and close.

You drank at the bar all night while I listened to your terrible taste in music and sob stories about your wife leaving you then you didn't even bother to leave a tip.

When old people complain about my tattoos and go on this whole shpeel about how they will be wrinkled when I am older and that guys really do not like girls with tattoos.

OMG my brother use to do this to me all the time! JURASSIC PARK RULES!

People who know me well enough know I can be a spoiled brat. I am a daddy's girl and even though I have worked my ass off and paid my own way through college to make my family proud, I still never have to worry about anything but every once in a while, my father threatens to cut me off and I tell him this same exact thing over the phone. I have always felt very close to Rachel from Friends and that's one of the few reasons.

I just love Revenge of the Nerds.

Okay, go to a church ceremony and do this exact dance with this balloon. I dare you. Then video tape it and send it to me.

Holy shit, this chick has adult acne and large craters on her face. It's hard to look at but I also feel sorry for her.

It took me five minutes to type all of that out. Later.

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