Poor White Trash 2

Finally, I have a copy of Poor White Trash 2 Magnum big box. It's about fucking time. The guys swear by having this copy in their collection. Brian sold it to me at the swap meet. I am surprised it was still there since we had been there for two hours and we were slammed. Brian's table was across from mine and when I finally had a clearing, I began scanning the tapes around me. "Holy shit! How much do you want for this?" Brian says 30. I am like, "Will you take 20?" He raises it down to 25. I am about to press for 23 but Zach leans in and says that 25 is pretty good for this rare gem. Sold! I cannot wait to watch this piece of shit and post my article on Wicked Channel tomorrow, if I am lucky. I have a photoshoot tomorrow so we shall see. More vhs pics in a few. Keep an eye out for my article on WC!

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