My Halloween

Last year I posted a collection of my Halloween costumes over the past 8 years - I wasn't allowed to celebrate Halloween as a child, being Jewish and all. This year, I had the opportunity to celebrate Halloween all month long. The Pub is a place I called home off and on for so many years. It was always my favorite establishment to bartend. The regulars are loyal and good to me. Hell, they practically paid my way through college. I left for a few years, had another kid, then I decided I missed making my own money. Things changed at the pub. It was no longer the same. 

I asked my boss if we could do a Halloween special. He approve and the new manager and I came up with a few ideas together. Long story short, it's not the old pub that I remember. People are not only rude but just plain violent and I got yelled at because local magazine Cat5 (click link for more of my pics) put my picture in the paper instead of someone else, who had only been there for 8 months and didn't even know how to make half the drinks on our menu - Not to mention she got drunk there with her toddler, assaulted a patron, then one night assaulted me in the storage room while she was drug and professed how she was "Not jealous of me." 

Any who, we celebrated Halloween all month long, here are my costumes and the article written on the bar's behalf and my drink specials. I mostly took photos before we got busy. 

I decided to quit my job because my health has been giving me problems. Chris had to get an ambulance out to the bar after I suffered a seizure, hit my head, then had a panic attack. As it turns out, I am not super woman and I cannot do everything at once. The last straw was how poorly I was being treated after working so hard. I looked forward to working Halloween this year but decided, along with Chris, that it was best not to go in and continue on with our planned vacation to visit his parents.

OH! I was also a guest on The Tom Gulley Show where I opened up about several controversial issues, including plagiarism. You can listen to the show here. 

Last but not least, I will find out Sunday if I survived the Cabaret audition. Wee Hee! The suspense is killing me. People keep asking me if I am going to get back into roller derby. Beating bitches up without getting arrested is fun and all but I am too busy :(

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