Happy Women in Horror Month!

Another amazing year has passed, rapidly paving the way for the 5th Women in Horror Month. Every year I list the same women behind and in front of the camera. This year I would like to focus on some of the women I feel do not get enough recognition from me. Erm, okay some of them still do but you get what I mean. Before I open up about some of my favorite ladies I am going to remind you that Horror Society is hosting my annual birthday/WiHM podcast with some of my favorite ladies joining us; Jen & Sylvia Soska, Katt Shea, Kristina Klebe, Heidi Martinuzzi, Hannah Neurotica, BJ Colangelo, and possibly Kaci Hansen. IF we have time for callers we will take a few. This is a pretty heavy list of guests so we have little time. Please be respectful and do not call in the middle of the show while other guests are on. We will make the cue for additional callers at the end of the show. You can find all the details for the show here.  And for those crying that the page highlights the Soskas and no one else, you're wrong. They were the first guests to agree. I wanted to wait before putting other potential guests on the list of callers to ensure they will have the time to call.

February 14th I will be hosting this shindig. Hope some of you fellow Texas folk can make it! There will be a musical act, American Mary screening, and Tiffany Heath will be present to show the trailer for her film Spavine that will also be premiering at our film festival Lagniappe. There is no cover charge. All you have to do is bring clothing and other items to donate to the women and children's shelter.

Now, lets talk about some amazing women! Again, I'd like to step out of my usual habits and make a few new categories. First up, my favorite screamers in a horror film! Naturally, Jamie Lee Curtis is on this list. DUH! Lets be honest here, she has one of the more memorable screams heard around the world so she earned all this praise. Two more talented screamers that I never get tired of praising are Shannon Lark and Christine Spencer. I have never seen any of Shannon Lark's films. I only know how she screams because I was in the film Princess with her and I was BLOWN away by her acting abilities. Lark is also on the WiHM board. She is also the founder of The Chainsaw Mafia and Viscera Film Festival (RIP.) Christine Spencer is a name rarely spoken and I don't know why. Her screams in Satan Hates You made all the hairs on my body stand up. I do not understand how this lovely lady is not on high demand like so many other Indie actresses. Filmmakers, if you are reading this.... Cast Shannon Lark and Christine Spencer in your films. You will not regret it.

Next category, my favorite three actresses in the old black and white days, the early years of horror. These three are dead giveaways. Like anyone wouldn't feature Joan Crawford and Bette Davis on their list. My favorite being Bette Davis because of her work in All About Eve (One of my favorite movies) and Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte. The Watcher in the Woods was another chilling tale I enjoyed in my younger years. Bette Davis is one of the scariest looking women in cinema. I say this with never ending love! Her scarce look added onto the ambiance of those films. That's what cigarettes will do to you. Last but not least, Deborah Kerr in The Innocents. This films is one of the few black and white films that actually had me hiding under my covers and that LOOK of terror on Deborah Kerr's face is priceless.

There's one final category with one mainstream actress that I'd like to mention, Jane Levy in The Evil Dead remake. The remake carries mixed reviews. This girl is not a big fan of remakes but I thought this edition was a lot of fun and I was already familiar with Jane Levy thanks to Showtime's Shameless. I'd like to type away for hours on this post but it looks like my computer is never coming back to life so it will have to wait a little longer. Lets just consider this the beginning of WiHM posts. Previously, I did make a collage of my favorite films directed by women. So many of the films I mentioned are left off of everyone's lists.

My next post will be an ode to female horror and sexploitation director Doris Wishman. I will also have an article in print where I will be discussing how this woman survived being a female director in the 60's and 70's.

I would also like to thank some of the creators and board members of WiHM. Without you constantly motivating me I wouldn't have enough courage to make a film if my own, finally. 

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