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It cracks me up when older, uglier women tell me this. Especially When they look HORRIBLE without make up. Wolf! As Kevin would say about Buzz's girlfriend.

Recently the story behind black metal band Mayhem has me intrigued. Most bands like to think they're hardcore but none of those posers have anything on this insane Norwegian band. Lead singer "Dead" was so obsessed with death, he use to bury his clothes underground to get that fragrant "death" smell. He slit his wrists, throat, and blew his brains out. The photos of his dead body leave a stale taste in my mouth. Fellow band mate made necklaces of his brain bits and he made a mockery of front man's suicide. He was later stabbed 23 times after burning several churches. There are a few documentaries around. I will write about it another time. 

Future VHS article for my new column on Geek Juice Media

Future article on Geek Juice. Excuse the flash

Now that my health Is easily manageable I can go back to work. Bartending at Temptations. It's the most interesting bartending gig I've had in my almost ten years of bartending.

I love Lana Del Rey

I'm 28 years young but I still would watch Snick. Good times.

Still no cigarettes which means I don't smell like shit.

The great Ham-bino. Creeping girls out since the 90s.

I had the one on the left!

Still working on my novel covering strippers in horror films and thrillers. I swear Maria Ford is the stripper Queen of the world.

Courtesy of VHShopping

Fred Phelps died and it turns out he worships rectums as well. Figures.

Happens to the best of us.

I ask my brothers the same question.

When customers tell me I make the best Bloody Mary's in the world.

Noble request.

A night after drinking and posting something I shouldn't have posted. 

When the dancers offer me $70 to motor boat my bewbs.

This guys Tumblr is the best Tumblr in the world. He writes his VHS reviews on a piece of paper with fun art

Great gift for mom! 

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