Throw Back Thursday

Here are some old Myspace photos. A lot of these photos were taken before Myspace but some are from my first crappy phone cam in 2004. Myspace wouldn't let me save the photos so I had to screen cap them. There are a few dance photos as well. Most of these are random photos I saved from the old site. I have always had several separate groups of friends who I loved equally but this post is mostly reserved for my old roommate and our 'gang' around that time. Not all the photos are of me. I saved a few of you guys in case you wanted copies. Enjoy :)

Sabbath Dinner with the family. Feel free to make fun of my hair.

I took screen caps of this old dance video. This was the best I could do. This was for Dick Tracy's "Hanky Panky." Amber was Madonna. That's me in the middle.

Kick line for "That's Entertainment. I am on the right of the thick gal in the middle. We hated those feathers. So did our moms who had to make them. During practice, one of the teachers yelled at me and made me cry.

Teeth appreciation post! I brush my teeth two times a day and floss.

Accepting my diploma after studying those medical books behind the bar only to continue to work behind the bar because I make more money bartending than I do taking labs from patients. Sad but true. I've posted non blurry photos before but this is the only one I have in action.

And now for shitty webcam photos. This is me without make up. My brothers in the back.

No, I am not naked. It just looks weird.

I don't care if this is a bad angle. That poster was cool.

Phone cam at work. This is when I was working for Cingular Wireless in the mall.

This is just all bad but I am not ashamed.

Israel photos

My mother with the Israeli army

My parents use to have television shows on Prime Time Christian where they discussed Judaism. They paid for the Israeli army to have a new basket ball court. I am STILL trying to find my old camera with a shit load of photos. I had a blast.

My mother's Kosher cooking show.

A terrible photo of me at TFW 6 years ago. Never dye your hair black kids.

The old crew!

None of us were sober in this photo. We thought it would be a good idea to get a 'family photo' made because we were all so close. Everyone wanted to be at mine and Ashley's place 24/7.

Ashley, Mikey, Garret, and someone who I hope to never see again. This girl told us she was 19. Even her own boyfriend. We found out she was only 17.

Ashley's car that we named Blue Steel. So many break downs in that thing when it was 100 degree out.

That was one hot Summer.

I was always making fun of Ashley for making gang signs.



Cody Allen had too much to drink at the Christmas party

Black light bowling

My friend's Tony and Melinda always came over to play Band Hero. Fuck, this is old. I only have 7 autographs on my wall.

Mallory! Eventually, she became my new room mate. We went to school together. There are too many photos of her and I having a good time on the weekends, kid free! I will save that for another Thursday.

This was the episode where Hannah announced the beginning of Women in Horror Month. Dai and I created The Gash with two other ladies, Stacy and Michelle. This was several years ago.

Eventually, Stacy left so it was me, Dai, and Michelle. Michelle would leave soon after then Dai found Nita to join us. I think I still have some banners with Nita, I'll have to look. 

Here we go! This was in 2010 after we took a little break. I haven't spoken to Nita in a while. I did talk to Dai on the phone last week. It's a shame I still had some growing up to do and got into a tiff with Dai but we put the past behind us and I have tremendous respect for the woman. I enjoyed hearing her voice again for the first time in years. It's also a shame that people cannot just leave her name out of anything negative but what can you do? <3 br="">

Halloween 2010. One of my many costumes. This is just something I threw together at the last minute. Whatever. It was cold that night.

Old banners

From Teddy's Nightmare. Jason Hughes and I worked on a lot of gory projects together.

I bartended wedding for 2 years

And sometimes I bartended Christmas parties.

The ladies had a Jason cookie made for me. We would always have a cookie made for each other. Only they messed up, they forgot I have never been a Jason Voorhees fan. Freddy has my heart. Chris and Amy had a Freddy cake made for me a few years ago. It's really the thought that counts though. I will have to save this batch of friends for another Thursday. There's no such thing as having too many friends. I love all my ladies. It's a shame that some people only have internet friends.

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