The Pleasures of Being a Public Figure

I am totally behind on articles for print magazines, my column for Geek Juice, and finishing our script for Hanukkill but sometimes I just have to ramble on my blog. Forgive me if all these paragraphs are random and all over the place. I'm just in the mood for random rambling. Being a public figure means you just kissed every chance you had of living a normal life goodbye. I have a very interesting life, experiences to share, and erratic views on life. I do consider myself more intelligent than most but I do have my dumb moments like everyone else.

I frown upon people with mental problems. I think suicide is a very selfish act and people who constantly threaten to kill themselves are some of the lowest, most pathetic scum of the Earth. I will never know what it's like to suffer from depression but I cannot support it when people don't even try to change their life style. Try jogging. I DO have really bad anxiety if that counts as a mental disorder then that's my bad. I have had several trips to the ER due to my blood sugar and panic attacks. It's totally lame and people who fake panic attacks are insulting. Panic attacks are not fun and it's embarrassing.

Being a public figure means you just added more stress to your shoulders. Random strangers come up to me at conventions and ask to take my picture and hang out with me. I'm just a regular person. I am no better than you. The only difference is that I believe in living life to the fullest so I get out there and get shit done. Anyone can make a movie. You can do it too. I am a ballerina, model, actress, writer, soon to be director, bartender, and mother. With hard work and dedication you can do anything you want.

There are also a lot of PSYCHOS out there. The things I have had to deal with from people who don't even know me have gotten out of hand. I've had to refute I don't know how many lies. Some of my favorite lies:

-Rebekah Herzberg smokes pot (Not true. Of course I have in the past. Doesn't mean I still do it.)

-Rebekah Herzberg is an ex con that wrote hot checks (LOL so not true! I don't even know where the fuck this came from. When I was still a teenager my room mate and I went through a shoplifting phase. It felt good to do something bad. I had the money to buy these shirts. It's hard to explain the feeling. So I got caught and arrested. Kids do dumb things every day. This does not make me a bad person and I was only in jail for a couple of hours. Not sure where the hot checks claim came from. Sounds like someone is bored enough to make up wild stories.)

-Rebekah Herzberg is a plagiarist. (Already cleared this up a million times.)

-Rebekah Herzberg is stalking me online and makes fake profiles. (I didn't have a computer for an entire year. How is this even possible? Other than my main page and fan page I only have one other page that I created recently that is my work page. All employees at the club have to have a promotion page but as you can see I hardly update it. Remembering passwords is not a fun task so I don't understand how so many people actually do have fake profiles. I have never made any Facebook profiles of anyone.)

-Rebekah Herzberg is a lesbian. (Totally not true. I like penis. If I was a lesbian I would be very particular over the girls I crush on. I wouldn't want a female over 30 and she has to be really good looking with a great personality and absolutely no mental problems. I just cannot date mental people. Creates stress.

-Rebekah Herzberg is a spoiled brat that got ahead in life because of her parent's money. (Mostly false. I am indeed a spoiled brat. My dad gave me whatever I wanted and still tells me I can have whatever I want but I am a very proud and independent person who has had a job since I was 16 and I make a lot of money. Most bartenders make good money. It's a wonderful feeling when I count my tips at the end of the night and that's why I quit the medical field. I don't need my parents money.)

-Rebekah Herzberg has a lazy eye. (Hundreds of photos of me actually disprove this. Sometimes when people take pictures of me my eyes look to the side. I didn't notice that I started doing this in photos until recently and now it has become a habit. People actually tell me that my big brown eyes are what they like most about me and I have to agree. It's my favorite part of my body. My eyes are purity :)

-Rebekah Herzberg was appointed as Ambassador by Heidi Honeycutt to blacklist females they don't like. (This is probably my favorite lie. Hannah is the reason why I am a part of WiHM. She runs the show. Not me nor Heidi. We are not interested in black listing people. Sounds like someone is painfully paranoid. We only want to encourage more women to make films.

What I don't get is how someone cannot even go a day without talking about me. I never talk about this person yet they cannot seem to stop talking about me. I go months without showing people like this attention, hoping they will get the hint. Then I get threats which I find hilarious. I am a former roller derby girl. I use to beat the crap out of women on wheels. I grew up with five brothers who were obsessed with boxing and they taught me at a very young age how to defend myself. You will never see me scratching, pulling hair, or spitting which is just gross. If you come after me you are going to regret it. I also have a very high tolerance for pain. The last time I got into a fight I laughed when a girl punched me in the face. It didn't phase me. That being said, some of these people can get crazy. They will not hesitate to shoot your ass because they envy your life. Remember when that dude from Arizona hired a detective to find out where Rebecca Schaffer lived and he ended up shooting her? THAT'S CRAZY! This shit really does happen which is why I go through lengths to keep my address a secret. People have posted my family member's address thinking it was mine. Any time I sign up for things online or have packages shipped, I do not use my address. I do not give out my phone number either and I do not answer calls from numbers I don't recognize. I have changed my phone number several times since I was 19. Back then I had to deal with an ex stalking me. By age 25 I had to deal with some neo Nazi calling and threatening me. He would say things like, "I'm going to kill you you fucking kike." He was arrested and moved away from Texas.

That's another thing. I have to take a lot of shit for being Jewish. What an intelligent conversation, "Oh yea? Well you are a kike!" Or, "You are just a stupid Jewish blogger." It's best not to worry over these things or show them attention because nobody of importance cares about what they have to say anyway. It has no effect on my personal life or my career which is why you never see me posting about it anymore. I'm not an emotional person. Jealousy is something I never experience unless some girl comes at me with jealousy. I don't understand why women hate each other so much. I am so secure with my looks and I know I am fabulous. I cannot waste any time being jealous of another female who probably sucks any way,

I do not consider myself a celebrity and anyone in the horror industry who does needs a reality check. When I hear the word celebrity I think Sandra Bullock. Not Danielle Harris. Do you ever see Linnea Quigley or Debbie Rochan calling themselves a celebrity? No. Harris doesn't call herself that either. I was just using her as an example. Love her in Roseanne by the way. Some people who have been in a few horror films, mostly small roles, think they're hot shit. I've shown my boobs in three horror films. No biggie. I am no better than any of you and I don't pretend to be. If Hanukkill becomes the next big thing I will not change. I will never sell my autograph for $25. I charged $10 for my autograph before and I felt horrible about it.


  1. I laughed so hard I cried..

  2. Totally agree..great lost. Also, loved the Danielle Harris/Roseanne reference. :)


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