Why Are You So Obsessed With Me?

It's funny how someone can post about you ALL DAY EVERY DAY when you never even talk about them. Yes in the past I have defended myself on here and corrected the lies being said by a sociopathic individual that's deeply troubled. However, I deleted the posts because I do not wish to have my name associated with this scary individual. You don't even know me yet you threaten to beat my ass every day because of your poor life choices. It's not my fault or anyone else's fault for your life being in shambles. That's all you. I have begged you to leave me and my family alone several times yet here you are...... It's impossible for you to go a single day talking about me. It must be tough being you. Keep obsessing over me. I work my ass off, take care of my kids, write for successful companies, and I'm writing and directing my own film all while people pay me to take my picture. Must drive you crazy. My advice to you for the millionth time is to move on and quit harassing people.


  1. You have copies of the actual posts that are threatening so just hold on to those. Don't worry, she'll run out of steam and will only say things like you look older than her or something.

  2. The funny thing is, I do not post them on my facebook nor do I post them on my personal blog. YET I am always talking about her and have a lesbian crush on her? I'm sorry you are not important enough for me to acknowledge every day and I'm sorry but if I were to fancy a female it wouldn't be a 40 year old meth addict that is losing her hair with bad acne and MASSIVE areolas. I have standards. I guess she has to keep what little 'fans' aka creepy weirdos she has left on her page so they can pay her rent since no one wants to pay her to see her naked at her day job. There is a reason why no one of importance or in the industry wants contact with her and she can place the blame on all her enemies all she wants. Just like she refuses to accept the fact that she lost custody of her children. SHE lost custody of her children. Yet, nothing is her fault.


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