Beaumont's First Pride Rally, Feminism, and Domestic Violence

For years I have had a loud voice in the Beaumont community with an overwhelming amount of support and I am so grateful for that support. Whether it's staying involved with the theater, film festivals, or the women and children shelters and charities.... I do my part. I never thought I would live long enough to see a Gay Pride Parade in my home town with hundreds attending. Though we had a great turnout with several loving families marching, there are still empty souls raining on our parade IN THE NAME OF JESUS! Some struggle to keep their judgmental tongue in place. Shockingly, some of these naysayers have a few skeletons in their own closet yet they feel the need to beat us with their Jesus stick. If you're going to make our love life your business then I will not hesitate to out you for your own struggles and addictions. Also, one of the most ridiculous comments I read on the KFDM page argues and I quote, "Looked like a lot of clowns showed up for this to walk but thousands showed up for Juneteenth." Because we all know the word of God and showing pride is a competition! You know, in the name of Jesus! I urge you all to stop and take a look around at what's going on in our community and work together to get through these revolutionary times. Whether you like it or not; Homophobia, racism, and domestic violence are severe problems in our community. More people need to get involved with the shelters. Make new friends. Get out and socialize with the LGBTQ! Educate yourselves and not to sound like a hippie but literring is another problem we have here. It's embarrassing when I have friends come in town to make their films while the freeways and parking lots are filled with trash and dirty diapers! Have you no pride in the way our town presents itself to tourists?

I could humor you and tell you that today's males and females are not up to my standards when it comes to what society has deemed the appropriate way of life. Instead, let us be objective and unbiased. People are people and our traits have been duplicating since the inauguration of life. What tangles my vag cork is when people feel they are entitled to tell others how they should live their lives, raise their children, and behave philosophically. Every day I become more and more a feminist because of people like this. It all started with my ex-husband. I vowed to NEVER let a man tell me what to do ever again. I look at marriage as equality. Neither partner should tell each other who they can or cannot hang out with and both should have the opportunity to work. I feel sorry for so many women out there that bow down to their partner after they get married. Say good bye to your career along with your hopes and dreams! Marriage means you have no right to a career path? If you want to give up everything you worked hard for and be a stay at home mom or dad then go for it. Just never let a man or a woman tell you that you have to give up everything you love. As for your social life, it's unhealthy to remain a hermit with your kids 24/7. Even parents need a break and that doesn't make you a bad person. You could go out together. You could also have a girls night out with your male partner having a night out with the boys but to some, especially hardcore Christians, this is a big no no.

I know there are some people in town that do not take me seriously. They see me as that smart mouthed, pro-choice, Jewish bartender at a strip club that sometimes poses nude in photos. I am also a columnist that writes about sex and rare horror movies. At the moment I am working on an article covering erotic dancers for a popular feminist magazine and another article that focuses on 70's art house porn for a a company that I dreamed of writing for since I was a little girl. I have been corrupted by sex and violence and shouldn't be around children! If this is what you really think of me then you obviously do not know a thing about me. Why should I be judged based on my employment of choice? I am educated. I have two degrees. Photographers pay to take these photos of me and they have been featured in magazines and feminist galleries. (See talented photographer Richard Tallent's photo of me that also turned out beautiful here) My nude maternity photos created quite the stir but the feminist gala received a lot of praise and donations due to that 'shocking and disgusting' photo. The majority of the naysayers were sexist troglodytes. SHOCKING!

Speaking of disgusting and sexist, have any of you ever heard of Red Pill? It's an online organization created by men that was created solely for men to bitch about their hatred towards other females. This organization doesn't strive for achievements and they do not seem to have any open communication with any female organizations where the two can confront their concerns. NOPE! This group has nothing to do with civil rights or equality. They act as if feminists are fighting to put themselves up on a pedestal. The origins of Women's Rights focused on things that men had control over like the right to vote, equal pay, the opportunity to any job they want, and the right to not be sexually harassed. What's the origin of Men's Rights? This is a genuine question and if any of you can properly give me a detailed explanation on the issue then I am all ears. As for men asking why there are no shelter's for them….. How are feminists at fault? It was women who worked their ass off to build these shelters for the abused and children. We still continue to build these shelters. Men have every right to build a shelter if they really do fear for their lives but it's not often that this is an issue. If you look into this site and their mission statement, they come off as racists and homophobic.

I could rant away over these issues for hours but I will not waste any more of your time. If any of you are suffering through domestic violence and feel you have no light at the end of the tunnel you can always find me on Facebook or email me here: Be safe, be kind, and make friends! Stop turning against each other. Below are more fabulous photos I took at the Pride 2014 event.

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  1. You are such a beautiful soul and a valuable voice in our community. Thanks for all that you do. If it wasnt for you I would never of left that ass of a husband I allowed to torment me every day. You inspire me. Does your ex husband still act the same?



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