Getting the Group Back Together

I received many emails regarding my last post and I decided, we need to get the women's group back together. I am so sorry I have not had time for it lately. Between working, parenting, working out, and trying to make this movie, I stay pretty busy. But I don't see why we cannot plan around my hectic schedule and make this work. Even if it's just once a month. If you have any interests in joining please find me on Facebook or email me:

We are already setting the wheels in motion for some wonderful things this own desperately needs. For starters, we would like to open a more comforting shelter for women and children. The conditions and atmosphere in most of these shelters that I have worked with or even stayed in while my daughter and I were hiding from my husband were intolerable. We would like to make a more homely place fully equipped with a kitchen. That was Jenn's idea when I put together the charity event at the Log-On in February. Jenn also says they are putting the funding together for another great idea. She mentioned that some of the lawyers and their clients could use someone like me to talk the victims through their case. I did not have this when I was trying to get my divorce. This is a great idea and I hope they are successful with the funding and we can get started soon.

As for the group, before we merely had meetings every so often at my home, the theater, and resauraunts. Here is a list of things below that give you an idea of what we cover:

-Domestic violence

-Teenage runaways



-Abortions (The clinics here have no counseling for some reason)

-Custody battles

Those are just a few things. We are always open to more ideas. I don't think I will be bringing the blog back because I just do not have the time. I barely have enough time for my column, articles for magazines, and this blog. An additional blog is just not something I care to monitor but you always can! Knock yourself out. The last meeting we had covered custody battles and standing up for your hobbies and beliefs. In custody battles, both parents try to dig up dirt on their partner by stalking their facebook and blogs. They try to use whatever they can to make the other seem like a horrible parent when these things have NOTHING to do with parenting. Modeling does not make you a bad parent. One of my best friends recently went through a custody battle. She had to delete her gorgeous modeling photos because her ex wanted to use them against her. WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH PARENTING? I refused to delete mine because there was nothing wrong with my photos. Some of them have been shown at charity events and feminists galleries. Another girl was grilled on the stand for being an open bisexual. These are things we should fight against. If you're going to live life, LIVE! Being a parent doesn't mean you have to put all your hopes and dreams on hold until you are 50. There's room for both. Time for your kids and time for YOU! If anyone has a problem with you taking time for yourself then they're obviously fighting insecurities and jealousy. I need to write about this and how stupid arguments like this effect your child further.

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