Gratitude and Complaints

Life gets in the way of my personal blog and my column for Geek Juice. I work too much! Now that I have a night off, I can catch everyone up to speed and show gratitude where it's due. Due to my hectic work schedule, my son going through the terrible two's, and getting a new school year in order, I just haven't had the time for anything. I still have articles for print magazines that are nowhere near finished and we still haven't finished the Hanukkillah script. Slowly but surely, we will get there. I recently had an interview with the late B-Movie actor Rick Dean's mother. I am so content with how well this interview went. Parts of it will be placed in my Stripteaser/Naked Obsession article for Geek Juice and the other part will be in the piece I write for Hannah's magazine.

While I do have some complaints and issues that I would like to address, let me get all the special thanks out of the way. My new photos from my latest shoots have been viewed 1, 995 times within a week of posting the photos. Your Facebook comments are kind and thoughtful. The photographer telling me I'm elegant like a swan made me feel younger. I guess you can never really take the ballerina out of the girl.

My hometown has been remarkable and I am so proud of our community for turning it into a better place to live. Apparently, it use to be one of the most dangerous cities to live in. It's no secret that I absolutely loathe the surrounding hickish towns. I'm not a fan of nature and I like going to the mall which is why you will NEVER see me living in some backwoods town, no offense to my friends who do. I do not like country music, cowboy hats, and anything to do with redneckism. Do I sound like a spoiled, high and mighty woman? My apologies. As I explained in a previous post, I do believe I have become a strong figure for Beaumont. Over the years I have been involved with the arts, cleaning up our town, charity events, and theater. These are things I have done for this town.

*Part of the Beaumont Community Players.

*Public Speaker and Panelist for Lamar University regarding misogyny and the ideas of women exploiting themselves in film. This was an amazing panel!

*For two years I have been a film and music festival organizer in town, along with being a judge for the contests.

*Organized charity events for our local women and children's shelters and at the moment we are trying to put funds together to open an improved and more homely women and children's shelter since the ones we have now are completely unsuitable.

*Spoke on behalf of the noise ordinance to the city council and we won.

*I have been featured in articles for miscellaneous Beaumont papers to talk about the issues and traumas of internet stalking. Cat5 even wrote an article about my bartending and Halloween-themed cocktails that I concocted.

I try to stay involved with the arts and these charity events as much as possible which most of you know if you have been following me for years. The Lone Star art show in Houston was a crazy event where we expressed sexuality and the beauty of pregnancy along with some other questionable topics. Then there's the film festivals and competitions I stay involved with. One of my nude maternity photos was featured at a feminist gala that raised a lot of money for suffering women and children. I was recently interviewed on Snapped on Oxygen due to an article I wrote about a case. My cocktails were featured in the Have a Heart Cookbook that donated all of its funds to the Get Safe Project and at the moment I am working on another art project that focuses on the homeless in Southeast Texas along with battered women and runaways. I'd also like to focus on the transgender. This is what I love doing. People know and respect me for all of these things. I do not have any room for cat fights, jealousy, or worrying what people are saying about me on the internet.

Sure it hurts when people tell you what pulls up in google searches but what can I do about it? I don't plan on responding or attempting to make it disappear. I know the average idiot knows not to believe everything they read. However, I find it profoundly disturbing when I see that people are using my name to post "LOL" on the guest book for a friend who passed. I even saw someone was using my name on an online Jerry Springer post. Then there's the ridiculous "video" an internet troll made of me calling me an internet stalker when I didn't even have a computer for a year. The video has been removed from all sites but one. I do not have the time to search for all of them and report them as bullying or abuse. Funny how all these things seem to happen when I'm at work then I don't find out about them until long after. I adore everyone who stands up for me. Even those who do not know me and thank you all so much for being supportive and helping me to promote these events! I promise to keep up with my column, magazine articles, and podcast as much as possible. I do not do these things to make myself look good. I do these things because it's what I love!

Our podcast has gotten a lot of listeners. Thank you all for listening to our little show! Last week, director Bryan Coyne co-hosted with me and we had a fun trio contest with a prize that lucky Joe Flynn won. I am going to try and keep up with this podcast as much as possible but keep in mind that it wont be as often due to my hectic schedule.

I would also like to thank everyone who comes to see me at work, nominates me for best bartender, compliments the cocktails I make, and puts me on their bartender websites. I love you all! I've been a bartender off and on for 10 years now and though there are times when I feel I just cannot do it anymore, I instantly change my mind. I have such a strong passion for my work. I am very precise and creative with my drinks. Bartending is an art that doesn't receive the recognition that it deserves. People look at us like we are rockstars. I see us as mixologists, comforting, and crafty. I will never apologize for my job. For me, it's better than being a school teacher or a doctor. There are so many out there like me that do not believe they are high and mighty and admit there is still so much to learn about the world of bartending. The movie "Hey Bartender" made me feel so happy to see others like me. I HAVE to go to this Tales of the Cocktail event in New Orleans. I was asked to make a blog post with photos of my favorite drinks to make. I will as soon as I have another day off! In the meantime, everyone needs to watch THIS trailer!

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