New Shoot and UPDATES!

It has become quite the challenge to open each introduction on my personal blog with something new and fresh. I get bored with, "Oh, hello there!" And there's always, "Wut it do, bitches!" Tonight I am sticking with, "You say goodbye, I say HELLO! Hello, Hello!"

That awkward introduction is over, lets fly into the world of FABULOUS! First and foremost, you need to save this date! July 13th, 2014.... Next Sunday! You will be able to see me on the Oxygen Channel interviewed as an expert journalist for Snapped: Killer Couples. My friend and partner on many projects of the past, Jason Hughes, will also be on the show. Save the date! It airs directly after True Blood! So that's double pleasure for you :)

Speaking of pleasure, soon you can see my article focusing on women who portray strippers in erotic thrillers and horror films that will be featured in Hannah Neurotica's feminist magazine Ax Wound! There are a few websites that cover their favorite strippers in film but they leave out those hat are rarely praised like Maria Ford who has portrayed an exotic dancer in many films since the 80's. Never has another woman been able to perform as a talented dancer who bares all while balancing her fine acting skills at the same time.

Moving on! You came here to see some behind the scenes and unedited photos of my latest shoot, no? I will happily post those but FIRST I must include some fun photos that photographer Dakota Courville (Human's of Southeast Texas) took of me, Grace, Kristen, Daniel, and Donny during the Pride Rally in my home town.

Moving on, here are some behind-the-scenes and unedited photos from my photoshoot with Dakota Courville today. I've always wanted to do one of these nude ballet shoots with flour and/or baby powder. Note: These are not the finishing touches. These are just a few to keep you intrigued :)


  1. Intrigued? Ummmm....indeed! Very beautful, Rebekah

  2. Thanks Spike! Trying to upload more but I am using my Blogger phone app and it will only let me add a certain amount of pictures. The mouse on my computer has been freaking out so it's hard to do on my computer.

  3. Awesome photos Rebekah! You are a goddess


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