It's GIF Time and This Time It's a Bartender's Reaction

When you're actually having a good shift, making money, and your patrons are behaving themselves.

There's always that one!

My friends when I do a fancy bartending trick.

When a guy produces an overly long speech about how he would do dirty things to me after hours and I will love it!

When I look at the schedule and see that I actually have a Friday or Saturday night off.

The morning after that night off, opening the bar. 

Don't install SnapChat. Just don't.

When I go to other bars.

OMG it's ZEKE!

When one of our older regulars tells a lame joke or says something like, "Oh did you bring that food for me?"

When nasty people make out at the bar. Get a room guys!

Same as above.

 This has nothing to do with bartending. I just found it entertaining.

When that customer says, "Surprise me," or "Make me something good," only to say this after you've begun making the drink.

When your friends come to visit you at work.

I couldn't agree more.

Trying to get your friends to work out with you. 

When my patrons are arguing about movies or music and they are both wrong.

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