It's February!

Staying busy as usual. I've had to excuse myself from a few projects, Lagniappe Film and Music Festival being one of them. Unfortunately, I just do not have as much time nor energy to do all the things I love BUT if you are interested in your film being submitted into the festival, email me and I will show you the way. This is what I have been up to lately besides getting biopsy after biopsy (my poor vagina) and chasing around the cutest toddler in the world, with a hectic work schedule behind the bar.

1. It's officially Women in Horror Month! I have some enlightening articles coming your way through my column for Geek Juice. I will also be making a few appearances on podcasts. As for my own, I have to step away from having my own podcast. There's too much work and energy that goes into these things. I'm perfectly happy with co-hosting or being a guest on your podcast, depending on the subject matter and scheduling.

2. Malevolent Magazine has a lovely spread of me wearing that fan favorite VHS corset/dress. There's an interview attached. Thanks again for featuring me!

3. Still making room for all my VHS!

4. Cat5 Magazine featured me as the bartender, yet again. The article is accessible on the web.

5. Struggling interminably to isolate my personal life from my public persona. It bothers me that my family members feel the need to stalk my online presence because I do not take the time to open up about my extracurricular activities and why should I? I don't do what I do so that I could be told that I am rebellious. I love horror movies. I am obsessed with nostalgia. I think the female form is beautiful. I shouldn't have to keep feeling like I have to explain myself when my religious family tells me that "Bartending in a seedy strip club is unGodly." It bothers me that I still have a hard time opening up about my feelings. Though, it seems so easy for me to write it out. I keep myself pretty secluded and remain a hermit the majority of the time and I like it that way. For my birthday, I had such an amazing time and it was a great escape. I love to socialize but the amount of time I enjoy public outings has become minimal. Maybe it's due to the fact that I have been bartending for so long, I'd rather enjoy a sunset with good food, great company, or a movie. I don't like going to bars and it's rare that I actually have a weekend off so why would I want to spend it at a night club? My hormones have also effected me more than I care to share. I feel like Stan Marsh in the South Park episode where everything is shit. Maybe I really have become a cynical ass hole. Everything and everyone around me is annoying. I find myself caring less and less about the colorful characters that I serve. On my good days, I love what I do. I'm also 29 so my thoughts and life choices are all over the place. One thing is for sure, I have amazing friends and an amazing man-friend.

Last but not least, this after work photo of us cleaning the bar is the perfect example of how I feel about my job.

Update; had another photoshoot recently. Hair/MUA Frenchesca Coleman. Photography James D.

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