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Photography by Naifaree

It appears that I am a little bit behind on my updates. Managing a club has made it hard for me to keep up with everything and with my health issues even more pho-cked up than last year... There's just no fire there any more. I stopped talking to a lot of people that I felt were no good for me. If you found yourself on that list of people without a warning, I apologize. I am too young to have a stroke but my chaotic lifestyle finally got the best of me. Since I got out of the ICU on Galveston Island my mind just does not work the way it use to. I cannot remember things and if I forget to take my blood pressure meds my body goes numb and I pass out. My blood vessel walls are too narrow and my brain was beginning to swell.

Regardless, I still keep busy and convince myself that I can tackle 98346984736 projects at once. For WiHM, I did a photoshoot for Diabolique Magazine (Nominated for another Rondo, way to go!) where I showcased my horror themed cocktails inspired by my favorite women in horror. The issue has not come out yet because they apparently have something special they are going to add to it. Will post when it's out but here is a sneaky peaky...

James D Photography

Next week I have an interesting photoshoot at the FotoFusion studio in Houston. Looking forward to that. Here are some shots of me by Naifaree....

With my dance company's 60 anniversary coming up, I have been back in the studio. It's good to be back! Looking forward to the recital and I cannot believe these photos are still up on the wall! Prepare to laugh.

What else? Uhm, Cheers Magazine featured me. Cat5 Magazine featured me again. VIP Magazine is featuring me this April. I need to slow the fuck down before I have another trip to the ICU. As for TFW, I just have not had the time to do anything horror recently. I still keep up with my column and write for others when I can and the Hanukkillah script is finished but my brother is also busy so we keep putting that project on the back burner until all this other crud gets out of the way. We will be attending the con but only Thursday and Friday night because I just cannot risk having any major health issues and these things tend to become stressful. They're just not as fun as they use to be. Looking forward to seeing some of you!

Keep up with my cocktails on Instagram and apparently I am on the Reelz Channel now. Interesting. I don't even have time to watch myself on TV.

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  1. Saw you on Reelz. Need to cut your split ends. Slow down.


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