8th WiHM, Art, & Everything Else

I'm still slacking on this and my VHS column but if you keep up with me on Facebook then I'm sure you know why. I'm involved with so many projects right now that I don't even know where to start. The poster art for my film BATTU is still in the works. I cannot wait to share it with the world. Here is a behind the scenes of me teaching this gorgeous model how to do ballet poses. Jackie was a trooper. This was before all the blood spatter and the poor girl was super sore the next day. Ballet IS NOT EASY.

Speaking of ballet... Whoever made this gem is awesome.

This year will mark the 8th year of WiHM. I am an official sponsor again this year. If you want to do any podcasts or interviews then PLEASE do not contact me on Facebook. Email me: rebekahherzberg@gmail.com because I get too many messages to check on Facebook and I will not see it. I had an event set up at The Art Studio where we are shooting some scenes for my film but I had to cancel the event because it's all too much. I just cannot do everything. There are not enough hours in the day. Thank you Hannah for allowing me to be a part of this organization once more.

Onto VHS Lives part 2! The trailer for the first one is online and I cannot wait to see the finished product. I am taking a little longer with shooting my footage for the sequel at the moment. Here are my latest VHS goodies. I went to Movie Land to pick up more of my tapes and saw this brilliant placement in the porn section...

Latest VHS watch:

Latest gift, thank you so much!

My main focus over the past week has been our NOW chapter. We finally established our own Women's Organization in the Golden Triangle. Our first meeting did have several girls but our March on Saturday and following meeting was a great turnout. Hundreds of men and women marched along with us in my hometown. You can join our group if you like. Amanda and I are the admins on Facebook and we prefer you fill out that questionnaire before joining. My first role in our now chapter is to get 5 fake abortion clinics in our town shut down and I will be providing transportation and support for women in need. We will also be in Austin at the Capitol this April in support of Planned Parenthood.Here are some photos from our march...

It still baffles me that Trump is now our president. I'm angry, upset, and worried for our country.  Below are a few of my favorite anti-Trump posts...

Today is the International Holocaust Remembrance day. Say a prayer. Light a candle. Let's remember the millions of lives that were lost and keep this from happening again.

Now for some ART!

I have pet rats now; Cersei, Buffy, and Amy. I will post a cute collage of them later but for now my Ninja says hello...

Next I will have a list of the latest horror films you should watch.... If I have time. It has been nice staying out of the bar management business. I really enjoy being an accountant and it's nice to have my own office again. Of corpse, I have to do something about these brown walls...

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