This is my personal space where I promote my work and for the occasional banter. This blog initially started out five years ago as a support system for our Women's Against Violence group but I am more of a hands on girl so I switched this to promote artistry. I have been involved in the arts since I was a little girl. Currently, I try to balance the following....

  • Ballet
  • Aerial Silk
  • Modeling
  • Roller Derby
  • Theater/Film
Along with these things, I have been writing for several publications for years. I have a VHS column for Geek Juice and I am a contributor for Oxygen's Snapped and Deadly Women on ION. You can see me on and off screen as a contributor for these television shows. My every day 'pays the bills' job is as a bartender, going on 11 years now. It's a love hate relationship but several radio shows and magazines have featured my handy work and passion for the craft which you can see all over my blog.  Sometimes I host successful horror conventions. Sometimes I moderate panels. Sometimes I am a judge. Sometimes I have panels at universities in Texas to discuss the importance of feminism and horror films. Sometimes I hate writing this bios out because it's not something I am comfortable with. I know what you're thinking...

Recently, I have made a lot of new changed to this blog space. Deletions took place. Scars mended. I am currently working on a new header because I don't want my cleavage to be something people remember me for. There's more to me than meets the eye. Here are some of my passions if you're curious.
  • Rare gems on VHS that do not smell like rotten cabbage. 
  • Everything 80s! I cannot stress this enough. I am the 80's Queen.
  • Anything Jewish 
  • Meticulously crafting snazzy drinks. Presentation is everything.
  • Meticulously crafting elegant meals. Presentation is everything.
  • Music; Classical, industrial, post goth, new wave, horror scores, electronica, punk, blues, jazz, doo wop, opera, pop, and metal. 
  • I stay involved with charity organizations locally and I am a part of WiHM.
  • Making horror movies. We are currently working on our film Hanukkillah. 
List of horror genres that I like:
  1. Giallo
  2. Erotic-Thrillers
  3. 80's Slashers
  4. 80's Comedies
  5. Vigilante
  6. J-Horror
  7. Nunsploitation
  8. Nazisploitation
  9. Blaxploitation
  10. Cyberpunksploitation - Ermergerzzz Lerv!
  11. Hammher Horror
  12. Gothic Horror
  13. Splatter Gore
  14. Bikersploitation
  15. Cannibal Horror
  16. Canuxploitation
  17.  Ozploitation
  18. Rape and Revenge
  19. Carsploitation
  20. SEXploitation
  21. Women in Prison
  22. Gothic Horror
  23. Spanish Horror
  24. Teensploitation
  25. Video Nasties - The Banned List

Contact me through my email please: Rebekahherzberg@gmail.com
Twitter: @rebekahherzberg

I do not shoot for free, depending on the photographer. For film work, send me your script. If you want me to write an article on your film, don't count on it. My column for Geek Juice is reserved for older films. Almost all of the companies I write for focus on older films. At least, when I write for them anyway.

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