Color Steel Sex Appeal

The number of readers that come forward to praise me for my obsession with 80's technology and art has me overwhelmed. So glad you guys are showing this little blog attention. Sure I put out a lot of self promotion and my own art but I like showing others the attention they deserve as well. This is for you!

A Serbian Vanilla Ice

Don't be jealous because I've been chatting with babes online all day. 

Pudding pops

I will leave this one for you guys.

Before you could Skype for free, you could pay almost $400 for one of these video phones to see your girlfriend in Canada take a shower while you are rubbing one out. 


"Now Kate, I want you to wear some fashionable martial arts gear while holding this here fan that's the size of two midgets." No seriously, I like this outfit. 

Oregon Trail has never looked so good. 

Nice sweater Wang. 

The joy stick. 

Remember having floppy discs in every color? 

What is a pay phone?

*cough* Self promotion *cough*

Clever photography

Not exactly sure what this thigh device is. 

The 80's provided us with a lot of sky scrapers and maniac's wielding their weapon of choice in their film posters. Not complaining here. There's also a dead hooker. 

Nice field. 

Killer cyborgs were also 'in.'

There's that maniac and skyline again.


Tawdry but fun.

Linda Blair naked in the tub with a power ballad blasting in the background. Go fap!

Peeing has never looked so sexy. Totally want that sweater.

Love this.

Personal favorite

Me eating potato soup.

Whatever happened to Phoebe Cates?
How clever

Insert caption here ;)

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