Guess What?

Greetings my darling nerds and envious stalkers. Hope you're having a good start to a grand New Year. I know I am. This lady is completely swamped! 2014 is shaping up to be even more awesome than the previous year. So how about a little more shameless promotion?

First and foremost, I am hosting a fabulous fundraiser for the Women and Children's Shelter that I have spent so many years supporting. With WiHM coming up, we plan on screening American Mary and for the first time EVER you can catch director Tiffany Heath's trailer for her film Spavine. Tiffany will also be there helping our cause. The Soskas will not be attending but they will be there in spirit! Check out the details on our banner and come support our ladies behind the camera as well as those who are in desperate need of clothing and toiletries.

David and I have been working hard on our screen play. Keeping this project a secret until February is killing me! But it'll be worth it. We will be shooting in Houston, Tx and we are on the lookout for a couple of male and female actors. Excited about those that we have on board already. Teaser poster by Feb and if we finish trailer in time, you WILL get to see it at Texas Frightmare Weekend.

Cabaret begins next Friday.  You guys have no idea how hard we have been working. Singing in German and dancing for hours on top of that. Not to mention performing a kick line over and over again. I thought I was getting too old to dance but I just cannot give up on my talent. Tickets for the show are already selling out so you better hurry to it. Remember,  Cabaret is rated R and extremely controversial so leave the kiddos at home.
I'm not really "allowed" to talk about my Texas Frightmare Weekend plans except that our trailer may or may not be showing.

The Lagniappe Film Festival is the weekend after TFW. My friend Larry Carrell will be joining me. I cannot wait to see the films you guys send me.

My birthday is coming up during WiHM. Be prepared for a podcast with totally awesome ladies in horror joining me. The He Man Woman Hater's Club is not allowed. 

Last but not least, I am working with a friend on his short. Practice makes perfect. I am also learning more in the editing room at my parent's studio. How I have time for all this, idk. My computer will finally be fixed in a week. I cannot believe I just went almost an entire year without a computer.  That's ridiculous.  How am I going to stalk people I envy without it?


  1. On behalf of all the envious stalkers keep up the awesomeness!! <3

  2. You are not of the demographic Spike. Envious stalker comment goes to a female.

  3. Oh well. I tried. Lol


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