Anti Christ

Don't let yourself be confused by the title. This is not a religious film. This is also not a horror film. Anti Christ is an exploitation film about sorrow, death, and sex. A couple (Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbour) that lose their son to a fall out of a window while they're being intimate. The mother cannot get over her grief and her guilt. It triggers her anxiety and eventually she becomes scared of nature. Willem Dafoe takes her to a cabin in the woods to help her overcome her grief and anxiety issues. Gainsbourg becomes destructive, vicious, and eventually it's clear that the woman is absolutely insane. It's said to be the most shocking film in the history of the Cannes Film Festival. Viewers were disgusted. Critics called it an "abomination" and Von Trier was booed when he attended the post-screening press conference.

There are several scenes I found hard to watch and keep in mind that this entire review contains numerous spoilers so if you do not wish to read on, please don't. People seem to be bothered by all the graphic sex and self mutilation.  The film was authorized for release by BBFC with no cuts. To tell you the truth, I am shocked that they released it uncut but there have been several other films that are not even considered. Those are pretty tame compared to Anti Christ. John Beyer, director of Mediawatch UK, is a fucking idiot. This is what he said about the film, "It is being deliberately marketed at a younger audience who will inevitably see the film." People like this shouldn't be in the business. People like this generally misconstrue the films content and message. How is this film targeting a young audience? If anything, they're going to bore this audience to death except for the scenes in question maybe. This is an adult film. 15 year olds cannot possibly comprehend the message. Is this film appropriate for children? NO! Same as my thoughts on Cannibal Holocaust. Never mind the turtle scene, what about all the rape???

Some say the film exploits women. I don't see how they come to this assumption. Lars Von Trier has said on several occasions that he doesn't hate women and the film didn't give me any reason to believe he would be a misogynist. Gainsbourg has a line in the film that strikes up a pretty strong debate, "Women don't control their bodies, nature does." This is partially true. We have babies and our periods against our will but we can control our sexual side. Dafoe certainly isn't forcing her to have sex. Although, it does seem like he uses sex to cure her anxiety. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times they have intercourse in this particular film. Feminists find the part where she cuts off her clitoris to be misogynist but I don't. Her son died while she was having sex. She felt like she was being punished and cutting off the clitoris is part of her taking away the sexual pleasure. I think they also hate the idea of Dafoe winning in the end. Lets get real here, she was a crazy bitch who did unspeakable things. She deserved to die. Women can be every little bit as evil as men can be.

The director was suffering from depression. He gave several critics and journalists an explanation on many of these scenes that most of the audience didn't seem to understand. The wife is forced to face her fear of nature. Going off medication and confronting maladjusted thoughts are true to the practice as Von Trier has experienced it. There's a theory that it was Satan, not God, who created the world and that everyone in the world was evil. This sounds a lot like his feelings when he made Melancholia. Kirsten Dunst points out how evil and ugly the world is and that no one would miss them because they're all alone. So I wonder if that's how Lars truly views the world. He describes the fox scene as a Shamanic Journey. Critics laughed at this scene and it has become a huge topic for internet debaters. Lars says, "It's a drum beat, a mental travel, and there is a power animal. It's like trying LSD without ever trying it." Lars Von Trier always gives us the most beautiful and grotesque images. It's as if the most disgusting images are beautiful to our eyes and a work of art. If that makes any sense. That's why I cannot have respect for a lot of exploitation films. A least film makers like Lars, and the creators of A Serbian Film can give us a piece of art. For films like Salo......I will have to save that for my Salo review but lets just say, it was a vile piece of crap. The actors were horrible and the film didn't hold any artistic value at all.

The actors in Anti Christ are so remarkable. You can feel their pain. I'm hormonal and pregnant so I almost cried. Even though I find Charlotte Gainsbourg to be extremely unattractive, she has an amazing talent. You cannot just put Hollywood bomb shell's in every film. Lets get real here, not everyone is a beauty queen. This is what an average person looks like. She won Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival and she was deserving of the award. You can feel her agony. Her screams and her cries gave me chills. It was spine-chilling. Lars explains Gainsbourg as shy when asked how she felt about the gratuitous sex scenes. She's naked in a lot of the film but during the majority of the sex scenes, they were using body doubles of porn actors. Willem Dafoe is a remarkable actor and one of my favorites. I don't even know how to explain Dafoe in just one sentence. I might have to dedicate an entire page to him. I cannot imagine anyone else playing the role of "he" and "she."

The clitoris scene was one of the hardest scenes I've ever had to watch. I had the same reaction that any man has when he sees a penis being harmed. You quickly grab for your genitals as if you can feel their pain. I'm still not sure what was with the deer giving birth. There are two scenes where you see a deer and the baby is just hanging out of it's naughty bits. Maybe this has something to do with Gainsbourg's quote earlier about how women don't control their bodies, nature does. Another scene I found hard to watch was when she hits Dafoe's penis with a board and then ejaculates his penis with blood squirting out. She feels so guilty and also blames him for the death of their child. I found myself asking the question, "Could this happen?" The answer is yes, events like this are quite common. The following pictures are from the unfortunate scene where the little boy is falling out of the window. Remember what I said about disturbing scenes being a piece of art?

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