Movies We Love: Troop Beverly Hills

There's something painstakingly endearing about the Beverly Hills Wilderness troop leader Phyllis Nefler. Maybe it's her willingness to aid these adolescent felines in desperate need of a den mother and role model. You may be asking yourself, "How is this abominably dressed, shoulder pad wearing, spoon fed broad a role model for young girls? Even I, another fashion victim, strongly disapprove of her outfits and demeanor. Before I break down the characteristics of this alarming troop leader with pink nails, let's take a look at her wardrobe....

Nefler has a never ending collection of embarrassing big hats.

Kill it! Kill it!

She even transforms her wilderness get up into this.

This one makes me hungry for cupcakes.

Again with the shoulder pads.

Even those poor children are subjected to bad fashion.

Phyllis Nefler may be all those things. She even abuses bottled water. However, resentful Phyllis is going through a bitter divorce with The  Muffler Man. The only way she knows how to manage her personal travesties is to parade around Rodeo Drive, spending as much money as possible and why shouldn't she? After all, she coupon clipped The Muffler Man's way through law school all so he could make those terrible Muffler Man commercials.

Now Phyllis has been given the difficult task of teaching eight spoiled brats how to 'rough it' in Beverly Hills. The evil and manly Velda Plendor aka The Real Wilderness Girl is out to toss Nefler on her butt because 'real' wilderness girls do not roast marshmallows at The Beverly Hills Hotel. Real wilderness girls do not have fondue or wear expensive fur coats in the wild. Or maybe she is simply crippled by jealousy. We cannot dismiss those bull shit patches; The Jewellery Patch, The Gardening Patch, and The Trick R Treating With Glamour Patch. Thankfully, these kind hearted girls agree to throw their patches away while Nefler's minority maid says, "Patches. We don't need no stinking patches."

Velda makes it her life's mission to frost Nefler's cookies. Her Red Feathered brats even invade TBH turf to sell cookies. Those bitches. Lead Red Feather, Cleo, is villain Velda's equally unattractive and mean spirited daughter. Bless her heart. The Red Feathers constantly cheat, torment, and publicly humiliate TBH after they model their 'wilderness craft,' a back pack that pops open with ridiculous outfits on hangers. Just because they're in the wilderness, it's no excuse not to look their best. Let's be honest here, we would all be on our knees in tears from laughter in result of this 'craft.'

Troop Beverly Hills sends a positive message pumping through our children's veins. Money does not buy happiness. Money does not buy friends. These girls learn to work together as a team. There's no gossiping or bullying. When Chica's parents forget her birthday, the girls don't dance around singing, "Your mommy doesn't love you!" Instead, they bake her a cake and perform a birthday song. When Emily doesn't have enough money for patches because her failed actor of a father is out of work, another girl steps in with some extra cash and never speaks a word of it. These girls even take care of fallen Red Feather den mother Velda by dragging her big ass across the finish line with a broken ankle, instead of leaving her behind. TBH is out to prove that they are wilderness girls and they want to be taken seriously.

This isn't your ordinary chick flick circling a 'real housewife' whoring out bad 80s fashion. It's a fun family flick that teaches positive values and morals. There's no sex talk although there are curse words here and there, "Oh shit. I broke a nail."

Finally, the film is fully equipped with a stellar cast. Cheers actor Shelley Long made several notable comedies from the late 80s and early 90s but TBH will always stand out as some of her best work. Alongside Long we have pretend estranged husband Craig T. Nelson, known for Coach and Poltergeist. Karen Kopins from Once Bitten makes a few appearances and the young ladies in the troop are those who really stand out; Tori Spelling, Carla Gugino, Kellie Martin, and Jenny Lewis. There are also several surprise cameos; Robin Leach, Cheech Marin, and Pia Zadora to name a few. 

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